Design Intelligence
Business acceleration for Trendsquire 5 months plan.
Trendsquire 2013-2017
Results & investment
We think about doing something | 0 rub
We start to generate trendbooks | 3 828 000 rub invested
We sell castomized trendbooks and design (R&D)
| 2 910 000 rub invested | more than 4 000 000 rub income for 2016
First experiences and first results
We sell castomized trendbooks and get our first R&D projects and first legal case. We need to quantify our researches and get more precise data about audience trend sensibility, so we start to develop Design Intelligence with Data Stories. We apply this service to our small kids fashion client: quantify design trends from shopping data. We need more data and have to proof the concept| 2 910 000 rub invested | more than 4 000 000 ru income for 2016
Proof of concept for Design Intelligence
How to plan data driven design launching 1,5 year in advance
We create test and analize results, build strategy in product, based on data: values and design #. We know what the people like today, and we build their value portraits. Based on trends timeline and collected data, we plan designs and launching calendar. "Create what the people will really like.
May 2017
May 2017
It's time to make it fly
It's time to stop trying and start doing
Why now?
Since March 2016 we started a joint project with DataStories to quantify our creative research. The main question was about how to know what will exactly fly for one business taken apart. We created test made of values trigger questions and relevant pictures. In October 2016 using DS platform we made scenarios for particular cluster of audience 2 years in advance. So replying to the questions "what to sell?" and "when to sell?". In April 2017 we sold this service for the fist time to our existing client and get spectacular results.
Our services to be accelerated
We have now 3 services witch went through proof of concept. We have to invest to make them fly.
Design Intelligence
We gather data (values form questions, # form pictures), analyze it and get answers on questions: "What to sell" / "When to sell" / "How to communicate to sell better".
We plan to develop more accurate trends timelines to find the time for discount on particular SCU and find the way to up sell them. Read more about
Companies need (and want to implement data driven solution in design, assortment and communication). Trendsquire is visible now as expert in design R&D, so we get this reputation to sell Ad Hoc trainings. Testimonials
Design R&D
Brand and product (designs of fashion models, prints and patterns) – is our only one service than get sold without any ad or communication. We have an experience and portfolio in it. Long term projects will last, so we continue. Portfolio
We notice an organic traction for our services since 3 years, however the solution we found was not efficient enough. We worked with small manufacturers, long result cycle – small budget. Today we have a solution for retail (shorter result cycle - bigger budget). Trendsquire now has to step out to the light and reach bigger clients, get more impressive results and productize the service into a specialized in Fashion and Design development platform (TQ+DataStories).
What is the plan?
Get impactful sales tools
Trendsquire today has deep underground of researches and 2 cases (style and home textile) of Design Intelligence. We need to package this cases for efficient promo and going through clients presentation.

Target: presentation (site | pres) of Design Intelligence with clear USP + a list of 10-20 big retailers in Fashion and Home to present the service in Russia and Europe (by DataStories)
Resources: Team workdays (salary) | 5-7 working days |
Deadline: 31st May 2017
Make a coming out
Set a communication plan to attract critic mass of audience – 1 000 000 views in FB | 1 000 000 views in VK | 750 sponsored views on LinkedIn in 5 months. Get 1-3 contact for DI from attracted audience. 3-5 weeks analyzing data and building strategies. 4 weeks to measure impact of DI on KPI (volume, retention, financial results). Continue communication plan after 5 months period with first client's cases publications in top media (HBR, Forbes, RBK).

Target: a clear communication plan up to Feb 2018 and its progressive implementation
Resources: Team workdays (salary) + $ | 5 months + 590 000 rub
Deadline: 31st May 2017 (plan) | 1st October 2017 | 28th Feb 2018
Fashion & design platform launching
We will be naturally supported by the results of our first 3-5 clients to attract 10 more. In 2018 we upgrade existing DataStories platform with Trendsquire templates to make a "do it by your-self" platform for Fashion and design R&D.

Target: A ROI of this tranche (if all milestones results reached in time) before 28th Feb 2018. A complete ROI before 1st Sep 2018.
Resources: Team workdays + $ | 5 moths + 1 900 000 rub
Deadline: 1st May 2018
What's the deal?
Get references
1st Oct 2017
1 900 000 rub
28th Feb 2018
Design Intelligence Platfor
Set all processes
1st Oct 2018
Make it grow
Expected annual
operating cost 10 480 000 rub
raw income 46 600 000 rub*
at the end of 2019

*target volume is 30 subscribers for DI Platform – 400 000 rub / trimestrial sub | 7 - 10 projects of design R&D per year – averaged 800 000 rub | 5-6 new clients (one shot Design Intelligence + training) – 1 200 000 rub + 250 000 rub | per year
Target margin for 2019 is 80%
We need to invest 1 900 000 rub to get result in 10 months.
It's time for a take off phase. Let's return our money, time, energy investment!
Share Parts:
57,5% Vincent | 29,2% Ksenia | 8,6% Anna | 4,7% Valeria

Investment needed:
1 647 300 rub Vincent&Ksenia | 163 400 rub Anna | 89 300 rub Valeria

ROI (return of investement) Sep 2018 – Jan 2019

If investors are Vincent + Ksenia only, new share parts are:
Vincent 59,71% | Ksenia 31,41% | Anna 5,75% |
Valeria 3,14%.

If the Parts value is the same for Anna and valeria, the % change
Кто инвестирует? Ответы:Винсент - да, Ксения – да, Анна – нет, Валерия – (?)